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Repair Services

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First Step: Get the Measurement of Your Garage Door

For you to be able to get an accurate estimate of the things that you want to have for your garage door, then the first step for you to do is to measure the area of your garage door. When you are able to do that, you can get great ideas with regards to the right, accurate and precise measurements you want to have in the process of repair, replacement and installation.

Second Step: identify the dimensions of your garage door

It is necessary to know the height, the width, the headroom, the side room A and side room B of the garage door. Through this, you can have the assurance that you will install the right garage door with proper measurement.

Third Step: Tell us the type of garage door that you are looking to have

We want to know the kind of doors that you wanted to have for your property. It can possibly be a roll a door, a sectional door, an industrial door, flex a door, a timber door and many more.Garage Door Repair Seabrook TX

Fourth Step: Tell us the kind of mechanism you want to have

Let us know if you prefer to have an automatic garage door or a manual garage door

Fifth Step: Tell us if you wishes to have additional accessories

Inform us about the accessories you wishes to have for your garage door. It can be an entry keypad, an emergency key release, a safety infrared beams and more.

Sixth Step: Tell us the way you wanted have a communication with us

Let us know if you wanted to discuss other matters with regards on the things that you wanted to talk about on the preferences you have in your garage door. Aside from that, it is also important to know the required additional cost of having special finishes, windows, tapers, head panels, country levels and so on and so forth.

Seventh step: Tell us your contact information

We at Garage Door Repair Seabrook TX require all our clients to give their contact numbers, names, email address as well as their site suburbs.